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HEY YOU!!!!111!!111!!1!!!1!!1!1111!!1!!111!1

are YOU an avid web surfer?

do YOU love shitty websites made by someone who only knows bare minimum html?????

then this is the P E R F E C T site for you.

abt me

i go by nebula on the interwebs, i use she/her prns, and i have two cats (who are both very snuggly and fluffy and cuddly and awesome i love them so much i love my cats). i like a lot of music (as you can see by the left panel), and i love chemistry and reading. i also have very bad vision

for me, this website serves as a space i can direct my energy toward. i don't have a lot of hobbies, but i have so many interests, and i'd love to have a place where i can write/blog about all of them <3

~ 10/16/21 : finally finished site woop woop
made some dollz too hello look at me miss coder???