genre: punk rock
members (current & former): hope sandoval, david roback ✝, jill emery, colm o ciosoig, keith mitchell, william cooper
albums: she hangs brightly (1990), so tonight that i might see (93), among my swan (96), seasons of your day (2013)
eps/singles: deep cuts (2013), california (13), i'm less here (14), quiet the winter harbor (18), still ep (18)

what i love about their music:

their unique approach to beautiful lyrics and vocals. hope sandoval's hypnotic, soporific voice combined with eloquent vocals from david roback allows for simplistically beautiful songs. there is no sharp edge to their music, no belligerence in any of their melodies—it is the ultimate comfort. sandoval's voice is surrounded by warm and fuzzy instrumentals, which aides in comforting. their music lulls; it swells and hardly ever deviates from its entrancing nature. mazzy star has been, is, and always will be my favorite band of all time.